Crusher in the Tusher on Saturday

Well...what can I say the day will soon come when I hopefully get to earn my "Brass Tacks" as I battle with only the strongest at Crusher in the Tusher.  This is a grueling race, not for the weak of spirit.  This race is one that climbs nearly 11,000 vertical feet on rough gravel roads.  There is a sillyness about this event that I am so drawn too as over the last month, one questions about how to REALLY train for this.  The sillyness emerges as I've heard it described as a "stupid hard" race.  I love it.  Humor emerges as the only saving grace when I dare to think about these climbs.  So send me those warm fuzzies on Saturday and rest assured there will be a serious race-report to follow! 




Track Workout on Thursday! Or...Wednesday morning Spin/Core!

Wednesday at 5:45 am!  It's early, but it's the perfect way to get a cool workout in on a hot summer's day.  High Intensity intervals on the bike followed by core work!  1 hour, door to door.

Thursday at 5:30 pm   Community based speed workout at DHS.  ALL abilities are welcome at this event.  It happens every week and we have really nice crew of runners.  We've got some fast runners with Peter blowing the doors off with his 5:30 minutes miles and then slower runners averaging 8, 10, even 11 minute miles.  It is a super supportive and fun way to get fast!! Doing these sorts of intervals once a week it the best way to get fit and fast!  Thanks to Tailwind for being a sponsor.  We run for one hour.  5:30-6:30, around 3-5 miles with high intensity speed and recovery intervals.