RESCHEDULED: Mindfulness for Athletes, Feb. 21st

Hi All- due to a power outage last evening...Mindfulness for Athletes will be rescheduled for Tuesday Feb. 21st at the Durango Public Library.  5:30-7 pm.

There was a massive power outage last night in Durango which forced many buildings to close.  This is a perfect opportunity to practice some mindfulness, we look forward to seeing you all in a month!


Free Talk: "Paleo-for-Performance"

Come listen to a free talk at Natural Grocers on Monday May 18th at 6 pm.

Learn the nuts and bolts of what a "paleo" stye of eating actually is and how it can be used to increases energy and athletic output.  No rules or dogma-it's a style of eating not a diet!

Baxter continues to crush it......

"Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3-Age Group 2nd Place!
My best place every-2nd place in my age group with my fastest swim, strongest bike and a very good run.  The Lake Stevens race course has a great swim venue, basically an out and back course in a fairly narrow arm of the lake so sighting is easy with the shoreline close by and buoys every 100 meters.  The bike course is a very tough 56 miles with short, very steep hills on the back half of the course.  The profile is deceiving and it’s definitely one to pre-ride some of the 2nd half hills to make sure you know what’s coming.  T1 and T2 are in the same place and the run course loops by several times so it’s very spectator friendly.  Nothing steep on the run but always up or down.  My age group was split into two swim waves and with 15 waves starting before us, it was nearly impossible to know where I stood versus the competition. This truly was a case of focussing on my effort and my pace,  and doing the best I could.  Looking at the split times after the race, the guy in 1st ran faster in the first half of the run and I was a little faster in the back half but in all honesty,  I don’t feel like I left a minute anywhere out on the course.  That was the best I had!

  So, three years of competing in triathlons-nine 70.3 races, and one full Ironman.   I feel great, more fit than ever in my life, no injuries, and enjoying the training as much if not more that the racing.  A fabulous nutrition plan-endurance athlete paleo with a glass of wine.  The training program with Marisa has evolved to fit what works for me; Critical Volume in all three sports balanced with real life, a little extra pool time to improve technique, big ring HFRs (high force reps!) on the bike, one long run per week and lots of tempo pace for running, rest weeks, and a good taper before races.   My wife, Kim, is as supportive as ever about training time, eating low carb, and we really have the pre-race routine down- I can focus on doing my best on race day.  
  2015-First,  two months of hiking and camping , fly fishing, social rides and easy trails runs!  2015 actually starts Nov.1?  When we back up from the ITU 2015 World Championships, November makes sense to begin the base period. The plan overall is to keep what’s working well (I feel like I’m still getter faster/stronger in the swim and the bike), and look to evolve where I feel like I’ve reached a plateau (core strength and running).  I’m enjoying now but also looking forward to getting started in November!  Thanks Marisa, Thanks, Kim.  "   -John







Back from duty!

Hi all-I know it's been quite a awhile since my last post.  I've been wearing my other "hat" as a family therapist for Open Sky Wilderness Therapy over the last several weeks.  They've kept me busy working with families in the wilderness and my blogging has taken a back seat.  I'm back in action now, starting to train, blog, and create fun recipes again and will keep you all updated.  Thanks for the patience and enjoy my next post!

I am proud to also say that I rode my bike with my trailer six times over to our base camp, pulling all of my files, and backpacking gear!   Whoo-hoo!