I believe that true success is rooted in the integrity of the relationship between myself and the athlete/client.  Therefore, I diligently strive to establish an agreeable and workable relationship that addresses the uniqueness of each individual.  This is in direct contrast to a one size fits all approach. 

I offer weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly sessions that address these unique needs that each individual has.  Sessions can be geared towards either a more hands on-personal training approach or can offer a more schedule based training plan.  I do NOT use templates, each session is unique.  As a pragmatist, I do like to offer a plan and structure at the conclusion of each session.

Being mindful of financial limitations, I like to find a best-fit relationship with each client.  I find that a strong relationship can only be built when there is mutual trust and respect, therefore upon our first meeting we establish a program that will work best.

$45 per hour

$180 per month,  please ask Marisa for details of this plan



I offer consultation meetings covering a variety of topics including: training, nutrition, wellness, stress management, and lifestyle improvement.


"You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”
― Rumi



  • A unique individualized and concrete coaching plan.
  • Motivation, inspiration, direction.
  • An on going discussion of your personal needs, goals, and progress.
  • Tip and tools for: endurance training, nutritional support, functional training, weight loss, mental and emotional preparation and more.
  • A practical and healthy approach.
  • An emphasis on individuality.