I believe that true success is rooted in the integrity of the relationship between myself and the athlete/client.  Therefore, I diligently strive to establish an agreeable and workable relationship that addresses the uniqueness of each individual.  This is in direct contrast to a one size fits all approach. 

I offer weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly sessions that address these unique needs that each individual has.  Sessions can be geared towards either a more hands on-personal training approach or can offer a more schedule based training plan.  I do NOT use templates, each session is unique.  As a pragmatist, I do like to offer a plan and structure at the conclusion of each session.

Being mindful of financial limitations, I like to find a best-fit relationship with each client.  I find that a strong relationship can only be built when there is mutual trust and respect, therefore upon our first meeting we establish a program that will work best.

$45 per session

$90 for a MONTHLY plan which includes:  a specific weekly training plan, a training log that is regularly monitored with feedback, weekly access to email communication, 1 in person or phone meeting.


I offer consultation meetings covering a variety of topics including: training, nutrition, wellness, stress management, and lifestyle improvement.



“Marisa was the ideal blend of experience wisdom compassion and toughness. The core lesson she taught me was the importance of constantly listening to my body and it’s feedback versus guilt-tripping myself or blindly following a plan. Sensitive to my metabolic issues, she also helped me restructure my exercise nutrition so that I not only increased my endurance and speed but also built muscle. Bottom line, I think the world of her as an athlete, coach, and most importantly a woman.”   -client

“Working with Marisa for nearly three years has helped me make significant progress as an age group triathlete. Marisa’s weekly plans help me live a balanced life but also challenge me to continuously become a better athlete. Together we have been able to evolve the overall training program to what works best for, so it’s a customized plan rather than a formula.” -client

“A journey of expression, love and fulfillment through running shoes,” sums up my experience. It’s not only the muscle, and breathe you build— its inner peace you acquire as you learn to love yourself, and train to do your best. “I can do this, I’m strong, and capable!” Much thanks to Marisa for; guidance, and coaching.” -client

Rock your awesome life!


what I coach:

  • Road Bicycle Racing and Events
  • Endurance Mountain Biking
  • Running: road, trail, 5K-ultra distances
  • Multi-sport:  Triathlon, Duathlon
  • General fitness for life-style and weight management