Nutrition Philosophy


We have gone astray.  Eating, feeding, and nutrition used to be simple. Eating used to be based on survival.

In present day,  eating and feeding (a term I like to use when we mindlessly and unintelligently ingest food) has become an epidemic problem as obesity and preventable disease rates have grown to astronomical proportions.  We become entangled and obsessed with our quest to find the holy grail of health and vitality.  All the while we become further distanced from the ourselves. Pop culture marketing schemes and conventional wisdom propaganda keep us forever entrenched in the futile pursuit. 

We often feel held hostage to food, diets, and plans.

I believe in a whole-food based approach to eating and living. Labels and factions aside, I work with clients to find optimal eating and sustainable eating habits (never diets). Most often our relationship with food, or with the quest to "fix" the problem can be a powerful mirror into our relationship with our-self.  

I blend together the practicality and healthfulness of eating a whole-food based diet with tips and tools to promote inner health and vitality.

$45 per hour

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
— Hippocrates


  • A thorough discussion of you and your style of eating-exploring what works and what doesn't.
  • A practical and doable way of correcting potential problems.
  • A solution's based approach.
  • A "whole-foods" style of eating
  • Tips and Tools to make change lasting and inviting.
  • NO diet cults or rigid rules.